An app to Gamify your work challenges.

What is Bizdo?

Gamification in the workplace isn’t about turning work into a game. It’s about using psychology to motivate workers, drive higher employee productivity and improve business outcomes. Thus, keeping in mind the need for motivating your employees, we have come with an app where your employees’ productivity will increase but they won’t feel stressed out.

Gamification apps tailor the game mechanics and motivational techniques to add competition to the work environment and foster employee's behaviour needed to achieve business goals.

Benefits you are going to gain

Real time insights

With our leaderboard feature in the app, employees will be able to track their positions with real time insights.

Boost employee morale

'Award recognition’ will help employee to work hard and achieve challenges to receive awards, eventually boosting employee morale.

Employee Engagement

Our app will make an employee stretch out a little more and put in extra effort to achieve more. Thus, improving employee engagement.

Competitive work culture

Our app aims at psychologically targetting the psyche of employees to achieve a healthy competition at work.

Key Features our app intends to provide

Have a brief look at our application's core strength



Our leaderboard is a new way to inspire a culture of success, both for individuals and teams. This real-time recognition tool displays performance indicators in a clear and visually appealing style.



After employees achieve their personal goals they can jump on to the current challenges andcompete even harder with other colleagues to achieve it. This surely increases employeeengagement and productivity.



Once the employee completes a challenge they can see the trophies won and can a detailedview of their achievement. Thus, sense of achievement is experienced and employees ismotivated to work even more harder.