In the past we’ve been approached by companies wishing their app to be developed within a week or so. It depends on how complex the app is, but the average app can take at least one to three months to design and develop. Often the design stages can get drawn out and there can always be unexpected technical issues so timelines may change. The main rule is to not rush the app development, it’s something that deserves plenty of time and consideration!

It really depends on how complex the app is and what needs to go into it behind the scenes. It’s unlikely your app will cost less than $5,000 and it could go beyond $100,000 quite easily. The average price we generally quote is around $8,000 per platform.

The iOS Enterprise Distribution program allows a company to distribute their own “in-house” apps directly. It is intended for employees of the licensee company only and that licensee must be a company or organization with a DUNS number. The cost is $299 per year for this license compared to $99 per year for the iOS Developer License For Android there is a much easy option, Its to host the apk on a server and share with intended recipients for installation. The draw back is it would not be automatically updated.

You may have the budget for an app, you may have planned out how the app will function and you may have sketched out how you want your app to look – but at our first meeting, we will still ask: ‘Is developing an app the best solution for your organisation?’

Yes, if your existing software provides third party integration and support then it is possible.

Internet access is pretty much everywhere, but sometimes your field techs may find themselves in an area where they are unable to access a data connection. For example, a remote or mountainous region, or down in the basement of a building. Often the tech can piggy-back on the customer’s own internet connection or Wi-Fi. But if that is not available or allowed, what can your field techs do in the app when no data connection is present and they are working offline? (One must also ask: if no data connection is present, is there any phone access either?) The bottom line: Our mobile app caches the appointment list and work order details at the time of internet. After coming outside the network range the tech need not to worry as any work order edits or updates entered into the mobile app are stored with the time stamp until the device regains internet access.

Get in touch with us and we’ll talk through your idea with you to find our whether it’s feasible. We can provide all the specification, design and development work for an app so only having an idea won’t stop it being brought to life!