Integrable Field Service software

Powerful   Integration All Mobile, Easy to Use

An Add-on in your on-going process

FieldX seamlessly connects with any ERP or CRM software to complete an on-field service process from job allocation to job completion along with customer's feedback.

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The All New ‘Drag & Drop’ Feature

With the new drag and drop feature, all you need to do now is to drag the job and drop-in on the desired engineer and your job is allocated. That’s all!

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Dashboard with Futuristic KPIs

Your dashboard not only gives you a smarter but also a cooler and clear view of all the information within one screen. You can now view the number of overall jobs completed, incomplete jobs, overdue jobs, total capacity in hours and much more across a range of indicators onscreen. Take a look at your cool KPI Dashboard.

Top Benefits of having FieldX

Customer Experience

Faster interaction with customers & better resolution of issues leads to improved customer satisfaction.

Higher ROI

Controlling your field service staff, enabling best in-class performance & providing loyalty to customers drives customer retention & profitability for the service organization.

Real time Management

Access all the data in real time, so you can manage your services much faster than usual.

Improves Productivity

Real-time work management and ability to access accurate data in a timely manner provides flexibility, convenience to your staff, resulting in better task performance.

Reduces Cost

Route optimization, proper resource allocation & efficient app utilization reduces drive time, lowers fuel cost & eliminates paperwork, resulting in cost savings.

User Friendly Dashboard

The easy but effective dashboard will only take minutes to understand the process and features.

We would like to thank Archisys team for helping us with the app. We’ve been saving quite a lot of time and the client base has been increasing ever since we have started using their application. These people are really doing a marvellous job in the field of ‘Field Service Management’ software development. Honestly satisfied!

After using FieldX for quite some time now, I truly believe that it’s worth every penny and more. The app is so easy to use and comes with a lot of functions most of which has been utmost useful to us. Also, the company’s support team is very efficient with most of our queries getting answered within a few hours.

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