An add-on for your ongoing process

Field Service Management is not at all an easy task and with all the field-work, managing everything seems like a nightmare. Installing ERP or CRM applications might ease things out but in most cases there are so many patchworks that need to be taken care of. There are times when ERP and CRM software are unable to address the challenges of completing field service end to end operations. FieldX is a quick solution that seamlessly connects with any ERP or CRM software and helps to complete an on-field service process right from job allocation to job completion and also captures customer's feedback, helping the company to evolve on a regular basis.

FieldX does not need lengthy or complex implementations or expensive investments. The entire system is easy to setup and even easier to understand. The most important part is that it’s mobile because of which there’s very little to nil wastage of time happening. It is fast, flexible and cost effective to your business. Go FieldX and Go Pro!

Easy and Auto Job Allocation

We know how difficult it is to manage jobs manually. This is why FieldX is your magic lamp for maintaining jobs. All you have to do is to create a job once in a few simple steps and then never worry of re-entering the details. Our quick job add feature helps you create/add jobs in a sec and then using the ‘drag and drop’ feature assign them to the best fit engineer.

In fact, we have catered to all your needs in terms of job allocation that even reallocating the jobs can be done in the blink of an eye AND WE AREN’T EVEN EXAGGERATING! You can now reallocate jobs without even touching the keyboard. Just click on the job you wish to reallocate, click more on the options and then click on reallocate job. And with the ‘drag and drop’ feature, there you go! Interesting, isn’t it? Well, technology always is and that’s the religion we believe in at Archisys.

The All New ‘Drag & Drop’ Feature

For a huge organization that specializes in providing field services it becomes a nightmare when it comes to allocating jobs, especially when there are so many field technicians. FieldX has the perfect solution for you!

The drag and drop feature of FieldX is a sigh of relief from the old tumultuous ways of job allocation. All you need to do now is to create a job and then simply drag the job and drop-in on the desired engineer and your job is allocated. That’s all!

Smart Route Optimization

FieldX uses the help of google-maps to know daily job patterns and hence, can actually predict the time taken to reach the job-site and that’s not all! It can also optimize the best and fastest route for an engineer who has to travel to multiple sites in a day according to their job priority, saving a lot of time and energy.

All of these information is then stored on a regular basis and further modified automatically, allowing the engineer to work more efficiently every time. Because smart companies require smarter system.

An App with a Map that can do Everything

With the map’s ‘Live View’ feature, you can know the location of all your engineers along with their names, other details, and also know whether they are online, idle or offline and assign them jobs accordingly keeping in mind the location of the job. This can be tracked on a regular basis. So you can know the location of your employees of all the days recorded and also view the routes they took.

You can also quickly create jobs, assign them to engineers on or around the job-site, and save the entire process. The recorded information will be further used by the system to create smart job allocation wherein the system automatically assigns job to the engineer best fit for the required job.

Dashboard with Futuristic KPIs

Key Performance Indicators exist for a reason which is to show all the KEY processes of (the performance of) any company. FieldX not only has KPIs for everything you need to know about the performance of all your employees including total capacity of work of that particular day, overall jobs completed, incomplete jobs, jobs that are overdue, expiration of assets, and much more but also shows them in a very visually pleasing and easy-to-understand format.

This marvel is the result of years of observing the industry and its ins and outs. Hence, we know the kind of problems that field service management companies face and our FieldX makes sure that you don’t. After all technology is to make our lives easy, right?

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