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How Enterprise Mobility Solutions are driving productivity in Maintenance

Installation, maintenance and repairing of electrical systems can be arduous if the process is not streamlined. FieldX, field service management software connects service field technicians and back office internally to exchange real time information. This leads to an automated and faultless customer service. Managers can track the exact location for their engineers and check time spent for a particular job.

With features like ‘route optimization’, ‘auto-allocation’, ‘best fit’, capacity, etc., FieldX makes it the perfect pick for any industry that provides maintenance & repairs to their customers.


Service Offerings

Features that Matter your Maintenance & Repairs Business.


Job Allocation

Automated job assign to the best fit engineer according to their trade and experience.


Location Tracking

Track your workforce in real time and assign any ad-hoc task according to their routes.



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Paper Service Heading

Paperless electronically generated bills & customized invoices. Timely and tailored maintenance of contracts and auto-creating of work orders ensures that not a single maintenance is missed.


Quick Reports Generation

Custom Job reports can be designed and tailored to meet your exact needs.


Route Optimization

System optimizes and gives the best travel route to an Engineer according to the job assigned.

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