Energy Sector

Upgrade your
Installation Teams with
Additional Efficiency

Upgrade your Field Installation Teams with Additional Efficiency

Renewable Energy Sector is undergoing a profound transformation, mould by tech trends and hence now companies are using Field Service software to maximise productivity of field workers, maximise their vendor time utilisation, save time and convert overhead costs into profits.

Our Field Mobile Solutions help companies to shorten the time it takes to get data from the field and quicken all its business operations. This translates to faster project delivery, results into more number of installations and makes more profits out of it. With its unique features like auto-allocation’ (of jobs to the best professionals), ‘engineers capacity’, ‘route optimization’, ‘customizable invoice’, ‘estimates & payments’, perfectly automated ‘reports & reminders’ makes the BEST & PERFECT FIT for power companies.

Keep the back office connected to your mobile workforce and their location at all times.


Solutions for Installation Professionals

Job Allocation

Automated job assign to the best fit engineer according to their trade and experience.

Location Tracking

Track your workforce in real time and assign any ad-hoc task according to their routes.


Paperless electronically generated bills & customized invoices. Timely and tailored maintenance of contracts and auto-creating of work orders ensures that not a single maintenance is missed.

Quick Reports Generation

Custom Job reports can be designed and tailored to meet your exact needs.

Route Optimization

System optimizes and gives the best travel route to an Engineer according to the job assigned.

Digital Signature

Capture digital signature from customer on completion of a job and a live feedback.

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