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Manufacturing companies today are battling on product innovation, speed and automation. A dynamic regulatory environment and the need to reduce managing costs are the few challenges faced by the manufacturers. The manufacturers are looking out for new ways to improve revenue and margin growth majorly on to have a control on Expenses and build an automated system to manage their workforce on Field.


Benefits of Digitizing the Manufacturing Sector

Real time insights

With our leaderboard feature in the app, employees can now track their positions with real time insights


Employees are motivated to work hard and improve performance through various challenges

Boost employee morale

Our app includes award recognition which helps employee work hard and achieve challenges to receive awards which eventually boosts employee morale

Employee Engagement

Our app makes an employee stretch out a little more and put in extra effort to achieve more. Thus, improving employee engagement

Makes work much more fun

Gamification app that boosts morale and makes work much more fun

Competitive work culture

Keeping employees on their toes is certainly a difficult task but our app MEETS with different challenges to achieve a healthy competition at work.

Product that suits you

Solutions that might help you grow!


Xpensys is a platform takes all enterprise working models and extends excellences in Expense management, make an easier way to manage larger percentage of spend over a control on overlooked or under-prioritized areas and bring significant business value.


Think if you’re a manager, who is responsible to keep an eye on different moving parts in a manufacturing company it’s really difficult to work without a system. FIELDEX a mobile field management platform having Scheduling, Operations & Mobility that helps manufacturers to achieve key performance for their Engineers, to evaluate their Capacity, to identify the right technician for right job, to track their engineers, to execute tight service contracts and an audit process across their product service.

Our Client Says

  • I would like to personally give thanks to Chitral Jain & the whole Archisys family for there brains & work with helping to design & launch Shift, The team was knowledgeable & pleasant to work with they were fast to actions meeting & exceeding deadlines. I would recommend their service to any company or individual.

    I highly recommend Archisys for any Web or Product based requirements.

    Jacob Corlett - VanPlus

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