Paperless & Automated Real-time Policy Checks for Expenses

Xpensys has an intelligent built-in configuration where the organizational structure, reporting hierarchy and complex policies can be configured within the system through the user-friendly dashboard with ease. All you need is a one-time setup wherein you have to enter your company’s policies and credentials and then the policy engine self-validates and notifies employees of policy violations in real-time. In fact, if you are a super-admin, you can change almost everything within the app.

Be it for their travel, food, refreshments, stays or any other official necessities, employees only have to bother about booking their correct expenses and then the system validates the entered amount, checking if it matches the policy limits of the employee, automating their expenses to the right approval authorities with push notifications for each status on mobile, resulting in quick reimbursements. This smart feature converts all the policy paperwork into digital files and also helps take, send digital statements of all the bills in a jiffy. Why waste paper and time when you have Xpensys!

Multi-currency Enabled

Travelling abroad for business? Manage your daily expenses in any desired currency.

We understand how difficult it is to manage expenses when travelling abroad. It is almost impossible for an employee to convert each and every expense in rupees when the tax rates, conversion rates keep differing from place to place and from day to day in a regular basis. Hence Xpensys helps your employee to save their expense in the currency the expense was made. Be it USA, UK, UAE or even Timbuktu, Xpensys provides currency option of almost all the countries in the world.

Also, Xpensys not only saves the expense in the currency of a particular country but also applies the conversion rate of that day along with it. If your expense management ends with a “Phew!”, Xpensys is just the app for you!

Powerful Policy Engine

Policy Management just got easy with our customizable red flags and notifications!

A large-scale company such as yours will have different policies on expenditure depending on the hierarchy of employees within the company or various factors like the kind of expense the work asks/requires. Also there might be branches outside the currency too. Handling such a varied work culture can be challenging, but not with Xpensys.

Xpensys can deploy multiple policies simultaneously and a variety of approval workflows across business entities and also tally them, letting the employees know the Dos and DON’Ts of expense. Different rules may be applied for different people according to business needs, local culture or common practice. Be as smart as Xpensys!

Multinational Policy & Approval

Xpensys focuses on delivering a dashboard with visually effective and appealing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which means that the system not only provides information but in a way in which users can understand them at a glance. Xpensys’ KPI intends to deliver performance reports for expenses of branches and employees, monthly reports, and compare them to the previous month. There are many more KPIs within the system that lets employees compare their various expenses to let them and the management understand the expense graph.

In short, Xpensys provides you a tailor-made KPI to take care that whatever you wish to see is right in front of your eyes.

Instant Push Notifications

What do you call a smartphone that isn’t smart? - Ironic. It would be ironic to have a smartphone and yet need a computer to create and approve trips or expenses. With Xpensys’ mobile application, employees can not only create and send trips for approval but also get notified about approved trips and expenses and even pending approvals. The supervisors can also approve, modify or reject approval requests.

The best part of it all is that nobody needs to keep logging in and check for requests. Xpensys has a quick and effective push notifications feature that sends push notifications to both employee and supervisor in real-time. Never miss anything anymore!

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